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Q: What is the slideio library?
A: The library allows reading of medical images (the whole images and regions) with optional rescaling to numpy array.

Q: Is the library free for commercial use?
A: The library is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license, and hence it's free for both academic and commercial use.

Q: How can I install the library?
A: The library can be installed with pip utility:

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pip install slideio
Q: What operating systems are supported?
A: The library is available on Window, MacOS and the most variants of Linux.

Q: Where can I find source code of the library?
A: The source code of the library can be found in the GitLab repository.

Q: How do I report bugs?
A: You can post bug reports in this forum or create an issue in the slideio GitLab repository.

Q: Is there any documentation of the library?
A: Documentation can be found on the library Web site.

Q: Is there any tutorial?
A: A quick tutorial is available on the library Web site.

Q: How can I get help for using of the library?
A: You can post a question in this forum.
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