Class Scene

class slideio.Scene
property compression

Compression type

property file_path

File path to the scene

get_channel_data_type(self: slideio.Scene, index: int) → dtype

Returns datatype of a channel by index

get_channel_name(self: slideio.Scene, index: int) → str

Returns channel name (if any)

property magnification

Scanning magnification

property name

Scene name

property num_channels

Number of channels in the scene

property num_t_frames

Number of time frames

property num_z_slices

Number of slices in z direction

read_block(self: slideio.Scene, rect: Tuple[int, int, int, int] = 0, 0, 0, 0, size: Tuple[int, int] = 0, 0, channel_indices: List[int] = [], slices: Tuple[int, int] = 0, 1, frames: Tuple[int, int] = 0, 1) → array

Reads rectangular block of the scene with optional rescaling.

  • rect – block rectangle, defined as a tuple (x, y, widht, height), where x,y - pixel coordinates of the left top corner of the block, width, height - block width and height

  • size – size of the block after rescaling (0,0) - no scaling.

  • channel_indices – array of channel indices to be retrieved. [] - all channels.

  • slices – range of z slices (first, last+1) to be retrieved. (0,3) for 0,1,2 slices. (0,0) for the first slice only.

  • frames – range of time frames (first, last+1) to be retrieved.


numpy array with pixel values

property rect

Scene rectangle

property resolution

Scene resolution in x and y directions

property t_resolution

Time frame resolution

property z_resolution

Scene resolution in z direction